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   DYTN type electric-hydraulic plow unloader widely used in mining, metallurgy, electric field, coal field, loading stations, ports of conveyor segmented discharge. Unloader is installed on the middle frame of belt conveyor, It is a mechanical products that perform the unloading and control material flow and flow direction, can discharge belt conveyor material evenly and continuously into the hopper or a place. The unloader increases variable groove angle and vice coulter, etc., and use the electric-hydraulic pusher for motive power source,overcome shortcomings that the old-fashioned plow unloader discharge materials is not completely, scraping tape and overload poor, often burning motor,top bent screw, easily damaged machinery.
Electric hydraulic plow unloader structural features:
  1, Coulter can be divided into single or double coulter , the front coulter made by chrome-nickel stainless steel, rear coulter made by high molecular weight polyethylene plate, front and rear coulter can be replaced, this structure is not only clean unloading and protective coulter.
  2,The locking device coulter have been made significant improvements, reliable lock, coulter does not lift or jitter when working, and can adjust the height of the coulter, to the best location close to the tape, no leak material phenomenon.
  3, The drive device uses electro-hydraulic push rod, mechanical and electrical integration, circulating oil is fully sealed structure, able to work in harsh environments, according to the user needs to provide a manual or electric hydraulic push rod or mechanical self-locking electro-hydraulic push rod.
  4,Deformation idlers and electro-hydraulic push rod work synchronization, push rod a duty cycle, distortion idlers automatically transforms from slot-type to flat-type and then to slot-type.
Overall dimensions:

Technical parameter table:

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