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Guide Book of Select Type For Suspended Magnetic Separators

Suspended Magnetic Separators Category:
1, according to the magnetic source,Suspeded magnetic separators is divided into electromagnetic separators and permanent magnetic separators.
2, according to cleaning method, Suspeded magnetic separators is divided into manual cleaning type and self cleaning type.
3, according to cooling method, Suspeded magnetic separators is divided into self-cooled type,oil cooling type, forced air-cooled type.

Permanent Magnetic Separators Type Description:

Electromagnetic Separators Type Description:

Select Type Guide:

1, When the user choose separator type,must consider the conveyor belt width, belt speed, angle, material humidity, particle size, materia thickness, iron content, the ferromagnetic material particle size, site of the environment (temperature, humidity, dust, corrosive), the installation position and spatial size.

2, When the iron content is higher, select continuous automatic cleaning type: RCDC, RCDD, RCDF series electromagnetic separator; RCYD series permanent magnet separator; RCT series Pulley magnets; CFDL series electromagnetic pulleys.

3, When the iron content is less, should be used RCDA, RCDB, RCDE, CF series manual cleaning suspended electromagnetic separator and RCYB series manual cleaning permanent magnetic separator.

4, If the material is too thick,Please use WCTG series non-magnetic roller under the conveyor belt, improve removal rate. May also be appropriate to reduce the ride height to achieve the desired effect of removing iron.
5, When the site of environmental dusts (such as: dust, soot) is more serious, should be used in CF, RCDB, RCDE series sealed structure electromagnetic separator, RCY series permanent magnetic separator.

6, When the material contains a metal that can not be adsorbed, should be used GJT series metal detector, detects metal objects, after automatically shut down conveyor belt, artificial removed.

7, When transportation of materials by chutes, pipes, should be used RCYF.RCYT, RCGZ series pipeline permanent magnetic separator.

8, The separator's main features: remove long and large ferromagnetic material easy than short, small; remove apiciform is easy than spherical; remove motional is easy than immobile.

9, For the removal of iron demanding applications, such as suspension height is greater than the rated suspension height or thickness greater than the rated thickness of the material, the separator should increase specification or multi-level remove iron.

Above are some basic experience according to the basic performance of separators.If you encountered technical problems in the selection process, please contact our Technology Department, resolve the problem with you.
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