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2PG series double roll crusher suitable for compressive strength less than 250Mpa, moisture less than 35% of hard and soft materials to broken and crushing operations, such as various minerals, fertilizers, coke, coal, cement clinker, ceramics raw materials, slag, gypsum, salt, chemicals,etc.,or same hardness solid material. The machine has characteristics of low maintenance, reliable performance, low dust, low noise.

Double roll crusher introduction:

Double roll crusher configuration of two crushing roller, according to user request for granularity of materials, the roll surface is divided into flat surface roller and surfacing surface roller, If the hardness of the material more than 200Mpa heavy type can be selected.
Flat surface roller applies to 50 mesh-20mm crushing request. For example, make artificial sand by pebbles, construction waste; mining industry crush ore (iron ore, quartz, gold ore, etc.); ceramic industry crush feldspar, albite, etc; metallurgical industry crush coke, lime; chemical industry crush various chemical raw materials,etc. 
Surfacing surface roller applies to the crushing requirements 3-30mm. For example,cement industry crush cement clinker and limestone, gypsum and composite materials before into the mill, Coal water slurry industry pre-crushed coal before into the mill; iron ore industry pre-crushed slag, iron ore before into the mill; baking-free brick industry crush various ores; thermoelectric industry crush coal,etc. 
According to user requirements there are the belt drive and coupling drive (hard links). This drive motor can be refited to diesel or gasoline machine according to user requirements.

How to work?
Double roll crusher crush materials by extrusion pressure of two high-strength wear-resistant relatively rotation roller,after the material into two roll gap (V-form crushing chamber),the material bear extrusion pressure and shear force generated two counter-rotating rollers, under the action of extrusion, cutting and grind, the material is crushed to the required size and then sent by conveyor.

Structural drawing:

Technical parameters table:


1, Model
naming (in 2PG0806PT example): 2 indicate two rolls, P indicate crusher, G indicate roller type, 08 indicate rolls diameter (800mm), 06 indicate rolls width (600mm), P indicate flat roll, T(Y) indicate spring protection (hydraulic protection).
2, In parameter table, the discharging granularity range indicate size can be adjusted.

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